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Application support platform the Univalsoft rely on a strong technological advantage and a wealth of experience in project management, has been committed to government information construction industry, focusing on government-industry interoperability and decision support, focused on building collaboration, security, integration, flexibility to respond to customerdemand continued service government information construction, was named China's e-government IT hundred.

Univalsoft successfully for Industry and Commerce, National Tax, birth control, personnel, public security, electricity, environmental protection, construction, archives, organization, publicity and other numerous government departments to provide a standardized software products and solve program, standardize the workflow to speed up the government internal information of circulation, processing, coordination and sharing, and comprehensively improve government efficiency, decision-making performance and image of the government, the management work of various government departments in place, and provide a strong information security is to create a new service-oriented government.

★ leading government industry solutions provider
★ advanced IT applications in India
★ quick and quality localization services
★ Shandong provincial government designated procurement units of high-tech products

Some of the products and programs

Univalsoft government coordination office system

Trade and Industry Bureau enterprise credit supervision and inspection management software

The IRS network invoice management system

Family Planning Bureau women of childbearing age and pregnant situation monitoring system

Electricity Generating Authority of rural electricity management software

Dynamic management of law and order in the hotel industry solutions

The Floating Population dynamics management solutions

Community management solutions

Records Service digital archive building overall solution

A member of the Organization Department of the Party of distance education equipment management system

Propaganda Department news publicity and promote the implementation of the management system