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GIS Developing Project

With the deepening of geographic information technology, the effective management and analysis implement to the spatial data is more and more important. Univalsoft software had developed the further cooperation with the MapGIS, China geological universit

Networking Products

Network products is a cross-space-time, multi-media, interactive, anthropomorphic, growth, integration, in advance, efficiency, economy and technical and other characteristics of the product.

Video Conference

Video conferencing solutions, including software, video conferencing systems and hardware video conferencing system. With the development and progress of the times, the network and computer applications gradually spread to all levels of society.

Comprehensive Wiring

Integrated wiring called structured cabling, transmission network within a building or group of buildings both enables voice and data communications equipment, switching equipment and other information management systems connected to each other

Network Monitoring

Network monitoring will become the mainstream of the security of remote video surveillance, the development of intelligent monitoring software is the most important of our development goals.

Virtualization Application

With the start of the global boom virtualization, as well as all major hardware vendors agreed to support strategies to implement virtualization, the virtualization market broke out in China.

Network Telephone

VoIP Internet phone Internet phone calls, access equipment, IP sessions, SME users to conserve internal communication and external communication costs (especially domestic and international long-distance telephone and fax), use the voice gateway, internal