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Case Studies

With the start of the global boom virtualization, as well as all major hardware vendors agreed to support strategies to implement virtualization, the virtualization market broke out in China.
VMware President and CEO Paul Maritz virtualization development is divided into four stages, the first stage in 1998, mainly in the desktop application, supports a variety of operating systems for the purpose of a PC or laptop, stressed in a to run multiple operating systems on the same machine, and its representative products are VMware Workstation; development in 2001 to enter the second stage of development, virtualization-based server was its representative products are VMware ESX, stressed that the virtual machine to PV The main function. Single server virtualization applications based, no more have applications across servers; 2003 for the third stage of the development of virtualization products on behalf of VMware Infrastructure emphasis on building a virtual resource pool. 2009 is the fourth stage of the development of virtualization, the introduction of the VSphere makes virtualization support cloud computing platform.
The The virtualization market development will also go through three stages: the year 2010 for the import stage, from 2010 to 2015, the growth stage, after entering a mature stage in 2015. With the further expansion of market base, the size of the market growth rate gradually slowed down, but still strong growth in the total market value. Although server virtualization market is gradually in-depth, but the the virtualization market development space is still huge.
The virtualization applications have the case of large enterprise customers in financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing, public services. In-depth analysis, that common of these enterprise customers built large data centers, with the X86 server cluster IT investment is relatively high, and the characteristics of the industry is yet to be felt. Therefore, it is concluded that the The the virtualization focus subdivision application areas of large enterprise customers. Expected, 2013, the virtualization market size in China will reach 13 billion yuan, have to admit, the virtualization market is not virtual, virtualization technology is to bring new breakthrough technology sector, has come an era of virtualization.
Virtualization so high-profile, user enthusiasm and even exceeded expectations. However, the current state of development, virtualization, there are still some problems. First, the hardware-level virtualization and software level virtualization combined with each other in order to make the system utilization is maximized; Secondly there are some risks virtualization, multiple applications on a server similar to multiple eggs into the only basket the event of a major hardware failure may affect all applications, it is difficult to eliminate this threat; Third server consolidation and virtualization, reduce the users to buy hardware leading server hardware vendors, sales volume and revenue decline ; Fourth virtualization may be a security risk. System-level virtualization technology may be totally unaware of the case hacking; Fifth server virtualization to move towards the popular, from a technical point of view, load balancing is an important issue in the application of this problem to solve a direct impact on the performance of the system.
Univalsoftdevelopment application access system is a server-based computing architecture application access platform. Univalsoftto the user a variety of software applications focused deployed on the server (s) through the the RAP protocol (Remote Application Protocol), fast and secure operation of the client server application software, allowing users at any time, any place, any device, any network connection can be efficient and secure access to applications and key resources on the server (s).
Univalsoftthree key points from safety, reliability, user experience and significantly improve product performance.
Although virtualization market in China is in its infancy, but the the virtualization market development is very rapid. The next two years, the size of the market could double the growth, showing a spurt growth. The virtualization market is not virtual, it's development prospects very promising, the next decade will be the golden age of the virtualization market development.