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VoIP Internet phone Internet phone calls, access equipment, IP sessions, SME users to conserve internal communication and external communication costs (especially domestic and international long-distance telephone and fax), use the voice gateway, internal communication costs almost drop to zero, while the cost of communication with the outside is also reduced by 30% -50% than the use of IP telephone.
Huge expenditure of long-distance calls per month by the number of large and medium-sized enterprises. Currently, most enterprises savings through the use of IP phone cards bill, but because of the of lengthy identity and password authentication, even redial are very cumbersome, making it difficult to popularize in the enterprise, and to pay a large proportion of the local airtime .
Why create a company, enterprise VOIP communications network?
Phone or fax communications through the Internet, year after year, you save a lot of long-distance communication costs!
If there are frequent long-distance telephone communication between the two locations, you will be impressed by the long-distance communications bring your heavy burden. If you have multiple offices, foreign partners, or want a significant reduction in the long-distance charges between any two places are worth your time to do a further understanding of VoIP system application solutions Division I
With ADSL, LAN, DDN broadband network is gaining popularity in a substantial increase in network speed, bandwidth. If companies just use ADSL broadband networks such as e-mail, browse the Web, find information commonly used simple application, cause a lot of waste of bandwidth resources.
The emergence of VoIP, is to make full use of the existing ADSL broadband resources, corporate communications and fax business transferred to the existing ADSL broadband network communications and fax. Because the ADSL broadband network mostly by way of monthly, when the two companies total between branch offices, are installed on the VOIP equipment, the total enterprise between the original two places, through enterprise branch communications and fax business will ADSL and other broadband networks to communicate, to savings year after year total under a large number of enterprise remote, branch between the long-distance communication costs (international and domestic).