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Corporate And Personal Credit Management Platform

With the deepening of the market economy, speed up the enterprise and individual credit information system has become the consensus of the community.


Office System OA

Collaborative office system is the system of management of the day-to-day affairs of service in government, education, business and other institutions, cooperative office system through the Global network technology, the exchange of information between the units internal and external, and the establishment of high-quality, high-efficiency networkoptimized collaborative workflow between units within the departments and jobs, to improve the management and utilization of information resources, office modernization, information resource, transmission network, to provide effective support for leaders at all levels of decision-making.


ERP Management System

Univalsoft ERP system is built on the basis of the information technology, the decision to run means management platform for enterprise decision makers and staff to provide a systematic management thinking.


Production Management System

Univalsoft-PM (Project Management System) is the establishment of unified integration platform, covered by the project, the whole process of implementation and end items, pay special attention to the implementation of the project plan, project planning and tracking, project approval process management elements of the project budget with dynamic costs, communication, risk, personnel, supplies, knowledge management function, not only for the project management department, project managers use project members, customers, finance, quality management and other relevant departments and common platform for all other project stakeholders.


HR Human Resource Management System

HR human resources management system, get rid of the traditional human resources simple tube Persons "concept, also to avoid a purely human resource management system of" isolated "embarrassing, human resource management is to establish integrated management platform human resource management and corporate objectives and business running effectively combined to realize the "human-centered" comprehensive human resources management. And Global Software target performance management system with comprehensive and objective, on the individual's goals, task execution process and performance management.


CRM System

Univalsoft software development is customer relationship management for the enterprise provides a full range of management perspective, giving enterprises better customer communication skills, maximize the yield of the customer. Customer relationship management enterprise activities for long-term customer relationships, in order to enhance the success of management, one of its purposes is to help companies manage the sales cycle: the solicitation of new customers and retain old customers, providing customer service and further enhance and customer relations, and the use of marketing tools, providing innovative personalized customer negotiations and services.