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Univalsoft since its inception with major research institutions formed a research and development partners to make full use of these advantages, the depth direction of the development of education information, combined with the transformation of the mode

Digital Campus Comprehensive Management Platform


Education Technology Equipment Management System

Education technology equipment modernization is an important reflect to realize education modernization, realizing education technology equipment modernization needs modern equipments and scientific, standardized , information management means and tools. With the implement of quality education, education technology equipment becomes more and more important in the education, amounts of education equipments are provided for school, bring a series of challenges for the equipment and daily management of education technology equipments.


School Charge Management System

School charge management system researched by Univalsoft accords with present school charge process and management requirements, has better solved various work problem in the course of charge, reduced charge workload, improved work efficiency, greatly facility charge, statistic and management of school financial department.