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Credit Information System Management Platform

With the deepening of the market economy, speed up the enterprise and individual credit information system has become the consensus of the community. The 16th CPC National Congress report clearly asked for "social credit system and the modern market economy, the Third Plenary Session of the Sixteenth CPC Central Committee clearly stated," in accordance with the direction of improving laws and regulations, franchising, commercial operations, professional services, accelerate the construction business and personal credit service system, "Premier Wen Jiabao clear instructions from credit credit Reporting started the construction of social credit system, repeatedly stressed the need to speed up the unified national enterprise and individual credit information database construction, the formation of credit information network covering the whole country, to speed up the credit reporting legislation, the development of the credit industry, actively promote the development of specialized credit institutions, a step-by-step, focus on open credit information market, and gradually establish a system of penalizing regulate the social credit bureaus, to strengthen the credit information market supervision and management.