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Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is following another revolutionary development of the information industry after computer, Internet and mobile communications.

Cloud Computing

The concept of cloud computing has been proposed, many domestic and foreign companies have resorted to cloud computing banner to want to flex its muscles in this direction.

GIS Develop

GIS applications - domestic professional GIS developers.

Monitoring system

Global software network video surveillance management platform to connect seamlessly with existing network equipment, has stable platform solutions million road-level access capacity, to ensure the stability of the single / multi-machine cascade scale pla

Building Intelligent

Building intelligent involve extensive, covering electrical, installation, renovation, weak, computers, software, and many other disciplines.

Public security system integration

Univalsoft Co., Ltd over the years has been the public security system to provide a safe, reliable, high-quality, easy to expand IT solutions to meet the different needs of public security information management.

Data center and security services

The District Methodist platform system integration

Regional Health foundation platform, build a complete data center to achieve regional health system, application integration and data exchange systems.