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The concept of cloud computing has been proposed, many domestic and foreign companies have resorted to cloud computing banner to want to flex its muscles in this direction. Foreign companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Intel, SAP, HP, Google.

The Univalsoft reached a considerable degree of emphasis on cloud computing. In recent years, the the Global software research strategy with cloud computing. Cloud computing in this market is in full swing development. The Global software understanding of cloud computing service products. Regardless of infrastructure or software products will be provided to the end-customer service-based morphology.

Enterprises will adopt cloud computing services through the network, on-demand, scalable way to obtain the necessary resources and services. This service IT and software, Internet-related, but other services.

The core idea of cloud computing, unified management and scheduling of a large amount of computing resources-Fi, constitute a pool of computing resources on-demand service to users. Network resources is called 'cloud'. 'Cloud' resources in the user appears to be unlimited expansion, and you can get at any time, on-demand use, readily extensible, pay per use.