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Global software over the years has been the public security system to provide a safe, reliable, high-quality, easy to expand IT solutions to meet the different needs of public security information management.
Interdepartmental information sharing and service.

Global software in order to further promote the comprehensive development and utilization of the resources of the public security information, give full play to the effectiveness of public security information resources to better serve economic and social development, and also investigating this case to the public security organs and intelligence analysis services to take full advantage of the information resources of other departments .

Public security request service application

Public security request services system is one of the three highlights of the Golden Shield Project information engineering, application support platform an important part of the overall planning of the Golden Shield Project. It is a large-scale distributed applications, and provide a supporting environment for the sharing of information system security. Between the information system built on top of the system can facilitate the realization of interactive data. Of an information system is needed to understand the request the nearest center.

Content-based video retrieval

The concept of content-based video retrieval from the content-based retrieval. The multimedia data, in addition to the video, as well as sounds, images and other forms of information presentation, and video data having a large amount of data, variable length information, the structure is complicated, difficult for certain content trail symbol description with characters and numbers.