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A data center's main purpose is to run the applications to handle the commercial and operational organization's data. This system is internally developed by the organization, or bought from enterprise software vendors.ERP and CRM systems like general purpose applications. A data center may only focus on operating architecture or provide other services. Often these applications by multiple hosts, each host running a single member. This member is usually the databases, file servers, application servers, middleware, and other sorts of things.

The data center is also often used for non-work-site backup. The company may be scheduled to provide data center services. This is often a joint backup tapes. Backup server local things to be placed on the tape, however, tape storage areas are also vulnerable to security threats of fire and flood. Larger companies may send their backups to non-workplace. Back cast and the data center can be completed. Encrypted backups can be sent over the Internet to another data center, security saved. To disaster recovery, hardware suppliers to develop a mobile device solutions can be installed and operational in a short period of time.