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Characteristics of custom software development

Custom software development is to design software based on business requirements, the software development process follows the specification of the software engineering program envisages new system, and to conduct a feasibility analysis. The outline design and detailed design of the system before the program code, after the end of the programming software testing, delivery, enterprise training, and provide regular maintenance and function expansion development in the normal operation of the software.

Popular software development structure of B / S structure (Browe / Server structure, the browser / server architecture model and use this model of software, mostly thin client fat server, most customers do not need to install any software, as long as operating software can use the browser for data browsing, add, modify, delete, query operations. program focused on the server side, it is easy to update and upgrade of the software, while higher security code with C / S thin client fat server mode and B / S structure and more through the WEB server service.) and the traditional C / S structure (client / server mode. servers commonly used high-performance PC, workstation or minicomputer, variety of application software, development tools, and large database systems such as Oracle, Sybase, or SQL Server. need to install special client software client.), according to the enterprise needs to select the currently popular ASP, JAVA, VB, Delphi, PB Visual C + +, Visual Studio.NET platform, the database can use SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, Access.