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Hospital information management system is based on the characteristics and needs of the small and medium-sized hospitals achieve unity, security, functional business systems to meet the information needs of small and medium-sized hospital in the aspects of economic management, medicines management, clinical diagnosis and treatment management, integrated management and statistical analysis,and through interaction with the new rural cooperative medical system to achieve real-time cost of clearing and management.

System five functions: economic management functions, medicines management functions, clinical diagnosis and treatment of functional, integrated management and statistical analysis functions, external interface functions, and provide the supporting systems management capabilities, easy system configuration and user management.

1, Economic management functions: belonging to the most basic part of the hospital information system, mainly including: outpatient and emergency registration, outpatient and emergency plan price fees, hospital management, hospital charges.

2, Drug management functions: to assist throughout the hospital management of drugs, including storeroom, outpatient pharmacy, hospital pharmacies, drug prices and other information management.

3, Clinical diagnosis and treatment functions: the entire patient treatment process as the main line, dealing with patient clinics related to various clinics data and information. Including clinics workstation, such as out-patient doctor workstation and nurse workstation.

4, Integrated management and statistical analysis functions: statistical analysis and management of all kinds of related to the hospital data, and all data aggregation, analysis, the query uses integrated treatment for leadership decision-making and health sector, mainly including medical statistics, Dean integrated query and analysis, integrated query and analysis of the health bureau.

5, External interface functions: to provide a hospital information system and new rural cooperative medical system interface, and the progressive realization of the interface with the medical insurance system, two-way clinic system, remote medical consultation system, maternal and child health systems to address hospitals and community-related the system of interconnected issues.

Patient registration system

Patient registration system, subsystem, it is the earliest possible contact with hospitals in the use of hospital information management system complete patient registered settlement fee business, as well as within the hospital and outside the hospital units.