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Univalsoft software health file system based on the latest national industry standards, using the most advanced file data engine technology dealing with massive data, greatly improves the efficiency of the system is running. Univalsoft Software Health Records System health of residents support the establishment of a mass storage archives, friendly and universal data interface to facilitate data sharing and exchange of a variety of health services for the domestic establish a support platform for electronic health records.

Univalsoft  health records system in accordance with the "basic public health services of the national norms and industry standards related to the Ministry of Health information technology for urban and rural residents to establish health records, health education, immunization, communicable disease control, child health, maternal health, elderly care, chronic disease management, severe mental disease management in nine categories of information management services.

Univalsoft  health records system for basic public health services at all levels provide a centralized electronic health records entry, data sharing, data sharing and docking with hospital information management, the new rural cooperative medical information management at the same time, the establishment of the Univalsoft area the health information platform laid a very good foundation work.