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NCMS management system Description

NCMS management system to add, delete, and modify the underlying code. Economic type of basic coding, including the code of gender, marital status code, national code, health status code, the code of family relationships, job classification code, the code of professional and technical positions, administrative positions code, user attribute code migration flag code, institutional affiliation code agencies code, funded sector type code-level code of medical institutions, disease classification codes, admission status code, hospital discharge status code, medical services code, treatment type code, compensation classification code, and Senate combined attribute code, the compensation account type code, clinics sections of code, institutions category code, type code of designated medical institutions, surgical category code, essential drugs code.

NCMS management system through a full range of coding, the establishment of the city's unified management terms, business terms, is conducive to the comprehensive analysis, statistical.

NCMS management system features

NCMS management coding management system fully compliant with the basic norms of the Ministry of Health, the new type of rural cooperative medical care system (for trial implementation) "(Guardian do agricultural Wei Fa [2005] No. 108) in the data encoding specification requirements.
All business data associated with basic coding within the code, data coding changes, the new rural cooperative management system is no need to change only required to reconfigure the new coding standards, the new rural cooperative medical system automatically ensure the consistency of the data.