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Fire 365 law enforcement services platform for the concept of "law enforcement service", General Secretary Hu "loyal and reliable, serve the people, and dedication to service standards online services, fire protection system. People can fire 365 law enforcement services platform online learning to understand the knowledge of fire, fire dynamic, fast and convenient for fire services, and fire system online for supervision. Major functional modules include:


Quick links provide a platform, the people in the sign-on platform at a glance, to understand the overall platform functionality through the quick link navigation, main plate: publicity Flash, quick navigation bar, notification notice, police public download form, format text, reservation services, the fire dynamic service hotline, law enforcement service e network open fire knowledge daily duty units login management, information search, online filing query, report complaints and other plate Quick Links.

E net public law enforcement services

The relevant law enforcement services of the fire brigade to the public online, online supervision include: construction of fire protection engineering design filing announcement, completion and acceptance of the construction project announcement Fire completion and acceptance announcement of building fire protection engineering design audit announcement, construction projects, construction, fire protection engineering design for the record spot checks review the announcement, fire final acceptance examination, on a test basis, review the announcement of the construction project, public gathering places announcement put into use with business before the fire safety inspection, fire inspection information bulletin, announcement of the administrative punishment of fire, fire investigation announcement.

Unit management

Online learning units fire management system standard units, and apply online classified bulletin (the key units Announcement, the announcement of the nine places).


Download access to online queries to learn fire police, and the police system file table and provide online submission and approval of online business.

Business process

Online proposed fire business process applications, by online query processing status of the related business.

Booking service

The proposed application for the relevant fire services online, after online publicity business processing feedback.

Complaints and information

Report complaints and online consulting business, the fire handle complaints and advisory information staff will handle and online answers.

Video Interactive

Online learning video for fire services, and provide face-to-face online fire handle personnel platform.

Fire classroom

Online learning the laws and regulations of the fire protection system, fire knowledge, typical fire cases at home and abroad, to improve the fire safety awareness, and provide online answer to detect fire knowledge learning outcomes.

Supervision Desk

Fire system staff, publicity, and to handle the the personnel business process evaluation, the fire handle online survey.

SMS platform

The SMS system of fire protection system for publicity, business process timely notice submitted online approval business processing staff, and handle SMS platform for exchanges between the people and the people, of people reply via SMS platform opinions publicity.