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R & D purposes of public security involved in the property management system

Able to take good care of the detained suspects belongings to avoid interception, misappropriation, exchange, lost or otherwise encroach damage occurred;
Fully reflect the information technology involved in property management work insist on handling the case management phase separation, the source of the whereabouts of clear and timely processing in accordance with the law, and fully accept the principle of supervision;
Items barcode physical picture upload, reach involved in property management of the bar code, standardized and scientific clarity;
Further improve the public security bureau online case-handling system, involved in property management;
Strengthen discipline inspection, supervision, the Inspector, legal, audit and other departments involved in the supervision of financial management, protection investigators smooth;
Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, and to further promote the Public Security Bureau law enforcement standardized construction.

Public security involved in the property management system features

Public security involved in the property management system strictly the characters separate management way, investigators and articles custody separately, put an end to the items involved are retained, misappropriated, exchange, lost or otherwise encroachment, damage and other types of problems occur;

The system software to support the Central Depository and take care of their two safekeeping, in line with the Ministry of Public Security requirements fit the actual management needs of the public security organs involved in property management more simple;

The software supports Item hierarchical management for higher value or save items difficult to take a unified management;

The software supports the items barcode or RFID tags, image upload and management, clearer, more scientific management of the items involved;

The software via SMS system to remind the way to strengthen the early warning function of the involved property management;

The software supports image collection device camera, high sweep instrument.