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Equipment & Finance Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security Police equipment finance to firmly establish the scientific development of the Police as the modern management of the three concepts, emphasizing the overall planning, resource integration, and reduce costs, change the extensive management model to improve the management of the refinement, the level of scientific and modern spirit. Municipal Public Security Bureau and equipment finance department guidance of the scientific concept of development, to "logistical support, management practices, solid foundation, good service" as the goal, to "improve the mechanism to ensure funding of public security, to advancing public security equipment construction, enhance support capabilities and service levels." as the carrier, and vigorously promote the information and standardized construction, further improve the efficiency and quality of management, and further fulfill the overall situation, the protection of public security and career development needs, to service the majority of police duties, enhance creativity, and further promote the "Three Constructions", full promote the scientific development of the work of police protection services. Based on the needs of custom installed financial services platform of the research and development of the public security organs.

The public installation Choi platform for research and development purposes

Public to install fiscal platform to improve grass-roots public security organs fitted fiscal management standards;

to improve grass-roots public security organs fitted fiscal support capabilities;
to improve grass-roots public security organs fitted fiscal enforcement level of standardization;
to increase the service capacity of the grass-roots public security organs fitted fiscal department;
to improve grass-roots public security organs installed financial information management capabilities;
The public installation Choi platform improve work efficiency and quality of management of the grass-roots public security organs installed Choi.

The public installation Choi platform Function Chart 


The public installation Choi Platform Features

Fixed asset management

Normal operation for the protection of the public security organs to strengthen public security organs of state-owned assets management, and to promote the rapid development of public security work, has a very important significance. How to give full play to the maximum performance of the asset, the asset management of the public security organs into the standardized channel is currently placed in front of an important task in particular is loaded fiscal department of the public security organs at all levels.
The system effectively strengthen the control of fixed assets. First, the establishment of a sound file of all the fixed assets. Loaded fiscal department under this file timely reconciliations, property worthless, the relevant departments of the assessment was made after accounting treatment; valuable on the accounting, timely accounting treatment are recorded processing that have been abandoned or not done, to do arrive in reality. Loaded fiscal sector according to the actual situation, the inventory of fixed assets categorized registered name, user departments, the number and amount of content to establish fixed assets in accordance with the types of assets, general ledger, fixed assets divided by a full-time administrator of fixed assets management department establish fixed asset accounts, by using the unit part-time administrators to manage, so loaded fiscal sector, the fixed asset management, user departments between mutual restraint, mutual coordination and cooperation to work together to asset management. Stringent registration procedures for new fixed assets. The asset management division of new assets to pay strict registration, effectively the new asset management. The third of the inventory system to establish the normal, regular inventory of the assets and timely processing problems encountered in the inventory, and in particular, to strengthen the purchase of fixed assets, transfers, gift processing of supervision and inspection to ensure that the asset management are implemented.
The main function of the the public installation Choi platform, including the increase in assets, scrapped, allocation, restitution, lease, or lending to declare assets integrated query, approval management of assets and asset management functions.

Equipment management

In view of the Provincial Public Security Bureau is actual equipment management equipment management system and grass-roots public security organs, the public installation Choi platform development, management extends to each of the police who were loaded through the system so that each police can view your own being loaded situation, and through the platform to report their own numbers to amend the application loaded fiscal sector management were loaded very convenient to modify the collection is filled with numbers type fitted fiscal sector truly improve service capacity and quality of service.
The public installation Choi platform including equipment management, and I were loaded, modify the declaration of personal net size, the type of clothes modify the declaration and plan were loaded maintenance functions.

Bill management

The actual work of the the public installation Choi platform under loaded fiscal management development, mainly through bank payment data and actual billing data, explicitly notes the use of clearer, more standardized management of the bills.
The the the public installation Choi platform features include complete ticket information, Obsolete Notes management, bill audit, Bank of fine data import and ticket information query functions.

Centralized procurement management

The application, approval and management of various types of procurement by the public security organs the public installation Choi platform workflow to make the procurement process more standardized, more efficient, and greatly reduce the transmission of information through the network loaded fiscal sector procurement workload, and the purchase requisition effectively monitoring procurement work progress, work more orderly, more efficient procurement.
The main functions, including procurement of the public installation Choi platform application, modify procurement approval, purchase requisitions, purchase requisitions monitoring, purchase requisitions Print task of procurement, purchase order management and procurement inquiry.

Wages Provident Fund Management

View the the public installation Choi platform is mainly used for police query their own wages and provident fund, loaded fiscal sector greatly improving service capabilities through the system, the the each police can learn more about their own wages and provident fund issuance and use, greatly improving police job satisfaction.
The public installation Choi platform including personal wages / provident fund queries, wage / provident fund management, extraction Provident Fund and wage / provident fund import functions.

Project Management

Installed application and approval of various projects of the financial sector the public installation Choi platform workflow and greatly improve the efficiency of the project application and approval through the network technology and the effective monitoring of the implementation of the project.
The main function of the public installation Choi platform including project application, project approval project Requisition modifications, the project application monitoring and project to apply for a single printing and other functions.

Service Portal

The service portal establishing loaded fiscal-centric information portal, service portals and exchange center. Information portal loaded fiscal news, the Notice, policies and regulations and Law Guide-based, real establish service global information platform serving the majority of civilian police; service portal that you service-based service portal so loaded fiscal department timely and efficient processing and answer all kinds of mounted police raised fiscal problems, real to establish service police work mechanism and work platforms, loaded fiscal more favorable job security services in place; exchange center is mainly establish a police each other to discuss the platform, each police involved in the actual work of the loaded fiscal management, the loaded fiscal management department to better understand the needs of the police, but also to a better understanding of police loaded fiscal work, the to promote two sides work better, and also further improve loaded fiscal sector protection and service capabilities.