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R & D background

Have a common feature of key personnel in the social and comprehensive management work, potentially harmful to others or the community, likely to go to the extreme, a negative social impact, even towards the abyss of crime. Global software dynamic information files from time to time through the establishment of key personnel, and improve key personnel information collection channels, different data model flexible four-color level warning management of key personnel, timely detection and suppression of the possibility of key personnel potential crime, better maintenance social order.

Application value

Can effectively mobilize global forces to strengthen the clues collected;
Through scientific analysis models, to discover there may be signs of the crime;
The public security organs to advance to halt and defuse related potential crime;
Oversight for the implementation of key personnel related to the implementation of the aid work;
Supervise the implementation of the implementation of the work for the outgoing key personnel tracking;
Through integrated query crowd control, detection efficiency and detection rate.


Establishment of key personnel, orange, yellow, color grading classification warning management mechanism;
According to key personnel to establish a variety of scientific and effective early warning model;
"Bright and dark lines, green" multi-channel information collection methods;
Multi-tracked for helping and tracking work execution and implementation of key personnel;
Multidimensional condition statement analysis and graphical analysis;
Flexible custom warning conditions and warning elements.


Drug addicts;
Falun Gong cult members;
Minor crimes or serious misconduct personnel;
Abnormal petitioners (or some companies, departments, industry, arms, Baotuan petition interest group backbone molecules);
Other hazards of the social order of special groups.

Model description

1.the queue model

Key personnel level warning control system in accordance with the different channels of information, in accordance with its clues value of relevant personnel plus the default warning scores, when accumulated to a certain score, the system will automatically warning.

2.Explosive model

Key personnel level warning control system at a preset period of time, plus value through clues classification, score the outbreak of growth and beyond the default warning scores, the system will automatically warning.

3.the similarity of the model

When value of clues classification and the breakdown of the control personnel warning elements to achieve a certain preset similarity, the system will automatically alarm.

4.the anomalous model

When the early warning cues and control elements contrast, the system will automatically warning.


1.file management

Basic information of key staff level warning system management control for key personnel and criminal record of misdeeds, modus operandi, work units, contact information, family members, major exchanges, accomplices, transport, economic status, source of income, notes and other information.

2.the information collected

Mainly to establish a variety of information gathering way example: visited, eyes and ears, site inspections, etc., and can be set to focus on staff "hand" information collection work.

3.early warning alert

Key personnel level warning control system by automatic model various types of personnel information to compare and analyze, and use orange, yellow, four-color warning prompts.

4.helping work

Monitoring and analysis of the situation for the individual to focus on helping and supporting the work of the staff assignments and work to implement.

5.the model set

Relevant the warning factor and warning value set for different models.

6.a comprehensive analysis of

Statistical reports and graphical analysis of multidimensional conditions for query and analysis of the key elements of the case.

7.the system is set

Key personnel level warning control system for the basic system settings, user settings, character set, data backup operation log.