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System Features

Simple, easy to use

Traffic police the business regulatory return visit system design user-friendly, easy to operate, users can get started quickly.
Advanced front-end development tools
Traffic police business regulatory return visit system as a front-end development tools in Microsoft Visual Studio. NET truly object-oriented cross-platform.
Quick to deploy, easy to maintain
According to the work requirements of the Traffic Police Brigade, C / S and B / S framework for mixed mode through the system's ease of use, speed of data storage, system security analysis.

System security and stability

The system design based on mature NET development platform, to ensure the stability of the system; through a variety of security mechanisms to ensure the security and integrity of the data.

Handy query function

Original fuzzy combination query, just enter some simple code or even a letter, the system will automatically display related items for selection, and quickly and easily find the needed results.
Contact closely module functions
Seamless docking system with documents inquiry system, not based on the increase salesman working, the system automatically extract salesman input to the information in the documents inquiry system, automatic data analysis prompted to give the clerk of illegally supplying evidence.

Rich program interface

The traffic police the business regulatory return visit system the reserve rich interface, can be used for the public security system management information platform software seamlessly docking.

The value of the software avoid illegal the fill permit phenomenon, Vehicle Administration business process aspects of audit quality; strengthen the national and local fugitives dispatched a group of personnel and vehicles of the early warning management;
3.improve service quality, improve the satisfaction of the people, and to enhance the image of the public security system;
4.results through SMS return visit, to promote the work of benign development decision-making data;
5.further improve the Vehicle Administration business process quality and efficiency;
6.Vehicle Administration to further improve the overall level of management and law enforcement standardized construction.