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Univalsoft survey and design software for engineering survey, geotechnical engineering investigation, design and testing, and monitoring of geotechnical engineering, hydrogeological investigation, engineering hydrometeorological survey, engineering geophysical, laboratory tests, coal exploration, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, surveying, electric power engineering investigations,engineering survey of long-distance pipelines, railway engineering survey, highway engineering investigations, communication engineering, surveying, marine engineering survey and mines, mining and engineering design, processing smelting engineering, petrochemical engineering, Water Resources and Electric engineering, transportation engineering, construction of municipal engineering, agriculture, forestry engineering design charges of 22 engineering survey and design work, has a strong versatility.

The survey and design software's basic functions: (1) survey and design software based on the technical development of the Chinese window has a beautiful interface, easy to operate, easy to learn and use. (2) survey and design software based on the engineering survey project category, select or enter the basic characteristics of the project parameters (coefficients), automatically generated charges achievements as an annex to the contract table. (3) survey and design software for engineering computing charges can query and modify different keywords. (4) survey and design software store regular data for a wide variety of projects, for the project just discuss the project charges analog reference. (5) survey and design software help files appear in a variety of ways, in order to facilitate the users are familiar with the use of the software faster. (6)) all the statements of the results of the survey and design software are WORD document format output, in order to facilitate the user to modify and archive. (7) All data calculated through the toll of the survey and design software, effective database management.