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Univalsoft ERP system is built on the basis of the information technology, the decision to run means management platform for enterprise decision makers and staff to provide a systematic management thinking. It evolved from MRP (Material Requirements Planning) a new generation of integrated management information system, which extends the functionality of the MRP core idea of ​​supply chain management. It jumped out of the traditional corporate boundaries, from the scope of the supply chain to optimize enterprise resources. Univalsoft ERP system integrates information technology and advanced management ideas in one become the mode of operation of the modern enterprise, reflects the era of enterprise reasonable allocation of resources, to create social wealth maximization become a business to survive in the information age, the development of the cornerstone. It has a significant role to improve business processes, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Univalsoft ERP system to integrate all the resources of the enterprise integrated management simple three streams: logistics, capital flow, information flow management information system fully integrated management.

Logistics management system uses the manufacturing MRP management thinking; FMIS effective budget management, business assessment, management accounting, ABC cost imputation methods the modern basic financial management; human resources management system in organization design, job management, pay system, as well as human resource development, and other aspects of the same integrated advanced concepts.

ERP system is a company-wide application of highly integrated system. The high degree of sharing data among business systems, and all source data need only be entered once, in a system to ensure data consistency.

Univalsoft software on the company's internal business processes and management processes are optimized, the main business processes to achieve automation.

Univalsoft computer software uses the latest mainstream technology and architecture: B / S INTERNET architecture, WINDOWS interface. Where can communicate can easily access to the system.

Univalsoft ERP system integration, advanced, unity, integrity, openness, and other characteristics.

The importance of theUnivalsoft ERP:

1, integrated

The most significant feature of the Univalsoft ERP is the integration of information systems across the enterprise, more functional than the traditional single system.

2, elastic

The UnivalsoftERP modular design, make the system response companies need to add modules to support and integrate, enhance the resilience of the enterprise.

3, centralized data storage

Univalsoft ERP the originally dispersed all corners of the enterprise data integration, and data to be consistency and improve its accuracy.

4, the convenience

The Univalsoft ERP integrated environment, enterprise content information will be able to make use of the system in the enterprise achieved with the application of any of the local.

5 to enhance management performance

Univalsoft ERP system will enable effective and close part horizontal linkages, making the management of performance improvement.

6, enhance organizational interaction between