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Global collaborative office system is the system of management of the day-to-day affairs of service in government, education, business and other institutions, cooperative office system through the Univalsoft  technology, the exchange of information between the units internal and external, and the establishment of high-quality, high-efficiency networkoptimized collaborative workflow between units within the departments and jobs, to improve the management and utilization of information resources, office modernization, information resource, transmission network, to provide effective support for leaders at all levels of decision-making.

Collaborative office system functions

Office habits and characteristics of global coordination office (OA) system function main functional modules including task management, document management, records management, information management, internal information, meeting management, in full compliance with the enterprises and institutions, allowing users to easily complete the day-to-day office work, and Global collaborative office systems to achieve retain traces, SMS, data interface the OA field of state-of-the-art technology, the products have passed the evaluation of software Testing Center of Shandong Province, with the software product registration certificate, recognized by the industry since the launch of the products, at the same time quality service has won the praise of the user.

Global collaborative office system functions

Customer benefits

Universal access to the network office, including knowledge of the document, document notification, office processes, personal affairs, with the powerful office aids, rapidly enhance the work efficiency, reduce the cost of office.
Unified and effective management, documentation, personnel, logistics, customer help form an orderly management system.
With news, e-mail, text messaging, information management, instant messaging and other tools to enhance the communication of information sharing and personnel, creating a barrier-free environment of teamwork.