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School fees management system software research and development background

Depth research of the global software work of the finance department of the dozens of school fees, To address students pay a heavy workload, the statistical work difficult issues such as the design and development of the management system of school finance charges. The Univalsoft the fertile Chinese software company developed for school fees management system software meets the current school fees processes and management requirements, a good solution to the various problems of the charging process, alleviate charges workload, improve work efficiency, greatly facilitate the school finance charges, statistics and management of the department.

Generally faced with the problem of the management of school fees

The manual toll records and statistics, time-consuming and error-prone;
Students pay the time to focus manually fill in the charging documents, the Financial huge workload;
The students mobilize classes, difficult to keep track of students' payment of premiums, and financial officers reminder fee difficulty increases;
Difficult to accurately grasp the student fee payments, and the time of payment of the delinquent students to check out the student contribution, not fast;
Payment Statistics heavy workload, detailed payment ledger is difficult to form;
The arrears statistics laborious, it is prone to error.

School fees management system software application target

The student charges recorded streamline
Student payment tracking intelligent
Students pay query simple.
The student payment statistics convenience of
Student payment receipts print automation
Various types of payment statements quickly and accurately oriented