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The characteristics and advantages of the credit system management platform:

The credit system management platform from the actual needs, personal credit report inquiries Operational Rules ") design, the system designed to meet the local sub-branch of the People's Bank of China, the Government, in accordance with relevant state regulations, standards (" personal credit information database management Interim Measures management requirements of the relevant departments.

Credit system management platform design science, easy to operate, easy to learn and use.

Credit system management platform based on advanced Microsoft NET platform development, the system uses B / S architecture, an open data interface for easy system expansion and integration with other software systems.

Credit information system management platform is quick to deploy, easy to maintain. "Zero client installation, deployment and maintenance is limited to the server-side system management and maintenance simple, convenient, and reduce system management and maintenance costs and the difficulty of maintaining.

Credit system management platform system security solutions based on the maturity of the software design through the double permissions mechanism of "roles" and "agency", system log data backup measures a full range of authentication lock, encryption of sensitive data, input data detection safe and stable operation of the security system.

Credit information system management platform functionality Chart:

Credit information system management platform functionality Chart