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The development of social management innovation is imperative

Author:univalsoft  Source:univalsoft   Published:2013-04-19 04:23  Hits:52

The society is a community of living that the people combine and form for their own survival and development needs. The survival of society can’t be separated from necessary social order. Maintaining social order need adjust conflict of interest, eliminate social barriers that people survive and develop, such as discrimination, exclusion, isolation, differential treatment and soon, provide internal and external security assurance. For the purpose of maintaining social order, social management is an activity that regulates and coordinates social relations, social organization and social behavior.
Social management system is used to regulate and coordinate social relations by the state in order to maintain social order, social organization and social behavior of a series of systems and mechanisms for the general term. Social management is an important aspect of the government's functions. Since the 16th National Congress of the CPC , our party continues to explore the theory and practice of social management and has made significant achievements, continue to incorporate the social construction into the overall layout of the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics, put the social management on highlighted and important position of social management; the report of the 17th National Congress of the CPC also put forward the " we must pay attention to social development, vigorously ensure and improve people's livelihood, carry out social restructuring, expand public services, improve social management and promote social fairness and justice on the basis of economic development"; and the development of the 18th National Congress of the CPC further deepen the important position of social management.
Social management development has become the focus of China’s government work, is directly related to the development of socialist market economy in our country, so the innovation of social management methods is imperative. In this situation, Univalsoft Company put forward informatization social management platform running model to better achieve the new development of social management.
Social management services to the masses information platform makes grid management as the concept, makes use of information technology, establishes the systematic social services hall, creates a "centralized monitoring, unified command, network coverage, industry development, region-wide management" management mode, achieves unified command, effective supervision, quick communication, responsibility in place, and efficient operation urban management mechanism step by step through the implementation of urbanization digital management, drives social management of our government social management to develop.

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