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Helper of all the people’s health management—resident health records

Author:univalsoft  Source:univalsoft   Published:2013-04-22 04:29  Hits:52

With the development of China's health care reform, the attention of state residents' medical condition in the original just limited to the residents of a single health management no longer meet the needs of the development of China's advanced medical work, to establish a unified management model for the residents and normative systems, easier way to achieve the health of residents in the dynamic global control has become a trend, evolved along with the health of residents file management mode.
Resident health records management is standardized and scientific process of residents' physical and mental health records. Resident health management makes residents 'personal health as the core, runs through the whole life course, covers a variety of health-related factors, dynamic collects information by many channels, meet information resources of residents themselves needs and health management. Residents' health profiles system breaks the original traditional health management methods, controls details of the health status of the residents at any time, becomes the right-hand man of resident health management.
Residents' health records management need be based on electronic information technology, build a health management platform, more flexibly push residents health management with information means. Univalsoft electronic health records management software makes full use of information technology to control resident health state in the most intuitive means.
Univalsoft residents electronic health records management system is based on the latest national industry standard to adopt the most advanced file data engine technology processing huge amounts of data in the industry, support to build the residents health archives that can store mass data, friendly and common data interface facilitate data sharing and exchange, provide a support platform of the establishment of electronic health records for domestic health service institutions. The health records management system can meet the residents' continuity, comprehensiveness, coordination and integrity medical services, makes medical institutions timely and comprehensively control the health status of the residents, so as to avoid the occurrence of sudden illness and underlying disease, and better guarantee residents' health and safety.

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