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Company to enter the market, Anhui construction plan review

Author:univalsoft  Source:univalsoft   Published:2013-09-11 08:55  Hits:52

Recently, the company successfully signing Anhui superior construction drawing review Ltd. construction plan review project.

Anhui remarkable building construction plan review Ltd., located in Hefei, Anhui Province, was established in 2007, is approved by the Anhui Provincial Department of Construction, construction drawing review a class of censorship.

Over the years, the company undertaking the construction project in Hefei on more than a thousand, increasing the amount of construction plan review, the company management have been expanding. In order to improve the efficiency of the trial plan, to further standardize plan approval process, expand the business, Anhui outstanding special company to introduce global software management system for building construction drawing review, review of the Unit Figure smooth development of business to provide technical support.

The next stage, I will be under construction in Anhui Province the actual work needs to be customized research and development. By applying this figure trial software not only makes Anhui outstanding figure excluding the original company paper audit office and the drawbacks of manual inspection workload, while the construction inspection process to break the existing layers of newspaper delivery relapse program, the full realization of non-automatic paper-based office and office integration.

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