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Univalsoft help Yunnan Yuxi construction plan review new developments in information technology

Author:univalsoft  Source:univalsoft   Published:2013-11-02 09:39  Hits:52

Recently , the company signed hi Yuxi City, Yunnan Construction Engineering construction plan review system project that will boost efforts to review the information in Yuxi City, the construction of new development .

Yuxi City building construction design examination center was established in 2000 , is the only one Yuxi City Center building construction drawing review , mainly in and around the city to undertake the construction project design document review work . As Figure trial centers increasing business volume , the original construction drawing review mode has been insufficient to meet the requirements of existing business development , construction drawing review system project started, the better to promote the building construction plan review business development .

Global building construction drawing review software review of construction plans in Yuxi City -centric applications will open Yuxi City construction industry information office situation , in the city to establish a set of advanced , scientific and complete computer plan approval system, and further promote the construction design review of standardized and systematic management . The use of network and computer system platform technology , related to office processes , technology management , information services, interactive communication and other aspects, to achieve the construction design review of internal management and review of information web publishing and other functions, to further standardize the review of information processing , public in a timely manner , improve efficiency, reduce office costs.

Yuxi City construction plan review project is the company to enter the market, a new starting point in Yunnan , as the project signing, will drive the company and its surrounding areas in Yunnan Province, the construction drawing review system application. Currently has a number of docking Fig trial centers and the formation of cooperation projects .

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