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The univalsoft education examination integrated management platform officially the national promotion

Author:univalsoft  Source:univalsoft   Published:2014-08-22 02:19  Hits:52

The second half of 2013, the univalsoft by the Weifang education examination enrollment Office commissioned, began to research and development, national education examination integrated management platform construction. In the joint efforts of the global software R & D team, this platform is the ultimate success of the on-line and the successful completion of the 2014 Weifang college entrance examination technical support task, for the city's more than 60000 candidates escort. Since then, univalsoft education examination management platform formally enter the market promotion stage.

Since the Ministry of education to implement the construction of national education examination and service platform to establish in the whole country, regional education examination management information is to be established, and formed a group supporting the foundation database. However, with the national education examination scale is continually expanding, more extensive, the traditional examination management pattern already can not adapt to the needs of the modern examination development.

Education examination integrated management platform is the global software according to the "national education examination management and service platform of network system", "national education examination management and service platform of video conference technology standard", "national education examination management and service platform for online inspection system for video standard specification" standard based on research and development. The platform has three big management center: the examination command center, online examination inspection center, data management center; three support platform: instant messaging platform, SMS platform, CA authentication platform; the four application system: examination management system, personnel involved in examination management system, examination guidance management system, decision support system, greatly increase the user experience.

Among them, the examination management system is aimed at different test to test the whole process management, including personnel involved in examination of information collection, selection, as well as the examiner's rotation between counties, grouping, point setting, personnel involved in examination appraisal and a series of process. The subjects open according to the test, according to test subjects to export and print invigilator examination schedule, improves the confidentiality examination, can meet different needs of the college entrance examination, academic proficiency test, to rise this exam only, four six level of test, the postgraduate entrance examination and a series of examination, education examination integrated management platform for global software R & D not only can realize the informatization of education examination system, but more powerful. Upgrading and univalsoft will also has been committed to the platform, to provide the best quality services platform for education examination management.


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