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Specialized collaborative software for efficient management of the escort business

Author:univalsoft  Source:univalsoft   Published:2014-09-04 10:47  Hits:52

In recent years, along with information to accelerate the pace of globalization, the external environment, government agencies and enterprises to promote reform vigorously,  OA system with its increasingly powerful office automation increasingly favored by managers, to improve decision-making science, correctness, improve enterprise management level and core competitiveness shape have a great significance, as many domestic enterprises necessary software. Coordination office software development so far, has not only limited as internal communications or information dissemination platform, it also provides a range of powerful features, such as automated document management, workflow automation, administration of daily transaction processing, and more to meet the needs of enterprise management capabilities .

For a business, at different stages of information technology needs are different. In the early development of the company, as long as the general administrative office management, document management and other primary information management needs can be; in the medium term development of the company, information needs to flow gradually expand and standardize management, knowledge management. For on the scale of the enterprise, the most urgent need is a unified management platform for business operations, require collaborative management software enables integration with other business systems. This is because, every year, on the scale of the enterprise will focus on the company's strategic goals to develop an annual plan, and the plan to break down the various departments, and even individual; in the actual implementation process, managers need to know in real time for each program implementation of how the emergence of what issues or risks.

As companies grow, many companies demand for OA has changed. Business leaders concerned about more than just office automation, for office management also has some new requirements: OA office automation should not be just a platform, it should be an operational management platform, real-time control of the efficiency and quality of the office staff, achieve fine management enterprise business. However, many managers progressive discovery: While traditional OA enables fully automated office office, but it can not work efficiency and quality control, convenient office personnel office at the same time, companies often fail to bring the true meaning of improvement in efficiency.

To better help businesses more efficient, high-quality management, global coordination office systems technology not only has the basic coordination office software: task management, document management, records management, information management, internal information, conference management modules, and more It is important to combine different actual business collaboration software management needs custom development, one for the customer demand for software customization, and truly meet customer demand for enterprise management, enterprise management and efficient escort.


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