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Univalsoft Technology school fees system fully into the market in Inner Mongolia

Author:univalsoft  Source:univalsoft   Published:2014-09-23 10:51  Hits:52

Recently, Univalsoft Technology and dedicated school signed Hohhot school fees system services, school fees heralded Univalsoft Technology systems following the cooperation with colleges in Inner Mongolia Erdos, Inner Mongolia into a comprehensive education management information market.

Dedicated school was founded in 1993, is Hohhot approved by the Department of Education's first fully private schools. School not only won the title of top ten private education Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, and is the city's only a "municipal law school model school" and "autonomous private school demonstration school" double demonstration school. Over the years, the school continues to develop, the current school classes to more than 80, the number has increased to more than 5,000 schools, the development of the city's largest universities. With the gradual increase in the number of schools dedicated to the school management has brought new challenges. To further strengthen the school management to meet the rapidly growing demand for schools, school leadership attaches great importance to information technology school work. Students start school fees management work in the full study to understand our company and its school billing software product features, the module, select and the Division I first started education fee management, information management together to solve problems currently encountered. Global Technology Afterburner Inner Mongolia education sector development of information technology services.

Universal school fees matured software development since 2009 to date, the service users are mainly colleges, middle and high school, education and training institutions, with a simple and efficient management of this product gives the user statistics management expertise, systems and efficient, rapid increase in the demand of users, user groups all over the country, has been unanimously praised the national users.

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