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Provincial support professional property management system involved

Author:univalsoft  Source:univalsoft   Published:2014-10-15 10:55  Hits:52

Property management has been involved in public security Strict enforcement of the key areas, not only related to the vital interests of the parties to the case and their families, the case is related to the construction quality and standardization of law enforcement, public security organs of the relationship between reputation and image; public security organs lawful, reasonable and proper deal involving property management, maintenance and more on social justice, reducing crime losses, eliminate social conflicts and promote social harmony and stability play an important role. To further promote the standardization of law enforcement, and promote the property involved in the management of institutionalization, standardization and accelerating fair and honest law enforcement, law enforcement standardized and harmonious community relations, standardize involved in property management is imperative.

There is often the end of the property involved in countless number is unknown, the responsibility is not clear, is not standardized, the Authority is not timely issues such as work in the past, and now, this has long been plagued items involved public security management "persistent" by Global Technology effectively break .

Global technology security industry as a leader in information solutions, independent research and numerous various portals for the public security organs of the specialized software system, the public security organs involved in property management software is one of them. The system has been successfully supporting Henan Province, Shanxi Province, two provincial administration of users and property involved numerous counties to become involved in property management than the essential weapon.

Public Security is involved in property management system technology combined with global multi-regional property management real work involved the development of customized, comprehensive clean-up law enforcement investigators involved in property management irregularities in various problems, so clear base, the situation is clear; handling and management to achieve phase separation, sources clear destination, according to the law in a timely manner, the supervision and inspection in place; the use of information networks to strengthen supervision and strict law enforcement responsibility and law enforcement fault accountability system, and severely punish illegal seizure, seizure, freezing, processing involved in property, free charge, confiscate deposit and other violations of law cases. Application software system greatly enhanced the city's public security organs and police leadership fair and honest law enforcement, standardize property management, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of awareness, maintain a good image of the public security organs, to achieve the police law and discipline cases involving police justified complaints involving responsibility law petition "zero growth."


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